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Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

What Is Single-Port Laparoscopy Surgery?

Single-port laparoscopic surgery is an option for patients who wish to minimize the number of surgical port sites, compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery. In general, laparoscopic surgery allows quicker patient recovery time, it is less painful, and leaves smaller, neater scars compared to open surgery.

Does Single-Port Laparoscopy Surgery Differ From Laparoscopy?

Although both single-port laparoscopy and laparoscopy surgeries utilize relatively similar instruments, they are still quite different. This difference comes from the number of incisions required with each procedure.

While conventional laparoscopy surgery requires several incisions on the belly, single-port laparoscopy aims at decreasing the number of incisions to only one port. This is the main reason the single-port laparoscopy is considered an advanced option of laparoscopy, with the possible advantage of better cosmesis.

What Is Single-Port Laparoscopic Surgery Performed For?

The single-port laparoscopy surgery is an option for a treatment of variety of health issues, such as removal of some organs or tissues and hernia. Furthermore, the single-port laparoscopy is sometimes intended for diagnostic purposes.

Below is a list of the common cases in which the single-port laparoscopy surgery is performed

  • Cholecystectomy
  • Appendectomy
  • Hepatectomy
  • Hernia repair, including inguinal, femoral, incisional, hiatal, and ventral
  • Splenectomy Colostomy/Colectomy

How Is The Single-Port Laparoscopy Surgery Performed?

Firstly, your surgeon will make a single, small port (cut) on the stomach area, usually at the umbilicus. Through this port, laparoscopic instruments and the endoscopic camera are inserted. The camera inserted will help the surgeon examine inside the abdomen and proceed with the diagnosis, treatment, or removal of the diseased organs or tissues.

Advantages of the Single-Port Laparoscopy

The single-port laparoscopy surgery has four main advantages, listed below:

  • The single-port laparoscopy may decrease the risk of bacterial infections that may result from the higher number of incisions required for the traditional laparoscopy surgery
  • As the width and number of wounds are lower, the single-port laparoscopy may result in a shorter recovery time, compared to other surgeries
  • It may lower the need for taking painkillers (analgesics) after surgery.
  • Single-port laparoscopy surgery also serves an aesthetic role; as the stomach area will have fewer incisions, there will be less external scars.
  • However, single port laparoscopy requires special instrumentation, requiring an additional 10-20% costs to the entire surgical procedure

Treatment for hepatobiliary conditions,such as those affecting the liver and gallbladder,are complex and require specialized expertise to manage effectively.

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